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4 Effective Ways to Use Affirmation Cards

  Due to contrary belief, Affirmation cards are not Tarot or Oracle cards. They’re similar in shapes and designs, but there are no rules to follow and creators can choose any design they want for the cards. It can be floral, minimalist, vague, with muted colors, or colorful cards, depending on the creator's preference. Affirmation cards use short sentences or phrases to set positive energy and thoughts and are less difficult to use than Tarot cards. But here's the real question: What is the most effective way to use affirmation cards? Some people claim that affirmation cards don't work for them, but it can't be misused. All it takes is a little bit of belief and a whole lot of...

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How Esteem Affirmations Started

Affirmations changed my life. Seriously. ​We're constantly surrounded by everyones successes so in our heads we create this narrative that our life isn't good enough when that's simply not true!Think about it, who's truly honest about their struggles these days on social media?One day my life changed drastically over night and I literally did not know what to do with myself. I was in therapy but still depressed. I surrounded myself with friends and family and still couldn't seem to have a good time doing anything. I spent every moment I could throwing myself a pity party because you know, life is hard. I knew I wanted more out of life, I knew God placed something major inside of me but...

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