Welcome to Esteem Affirmations!

We're an independent publisher of self-care affirmations and tools to help people overcome the daily surprises of life and to help kick-start their journey to healing and self-discovery. Our mission is to heal hearts and transform lives through the power of positive affirmations, as well as creating a safe space and providing tools for healing, evolving and succeeding for the person who once believed that they couldn't. 

Our Story

Esteem Affirmations was founded in 2021 to curate a new perspective for healing, self-discovery and mental health awareness in underrepresented communities across the nation. Empowered by the stories of those who have silently fought to overcome internal battles and to honor those who couldn't, we are committed to remind everyone facing a difficult situation that despite how it feels or what your circumstance may look like - you are not alone. Through the discovery and successful use of positive affirmations, our founder and Master Life Coach, Rebecca Rosena has been able to shift the mindsets of hundreds of people across North America and The United Kingdom to kickstart change and take back control over their lives through the creation of Esteem Affirmations. We are committed to showing as many people as possible through spreading positivity with our words, that there is a world where an abundant life after trauma, suffering and heartache exists and we're here to help you find it. 

Claim It. Speak It. Receive It.

Our simple but powerful motto that can literally change the course of anyone's life! What do you want out of life? CLAIM IT, it's already yours. Once it's defined, SPEAK IT into existence (we'll teach you how to do this). Then once it's affirmed, release it from your mind so you can make the room to RECEIVE IT! 

Each product was created with the person who is in need of change in mind. For each person who is trying to heal, fighting their battles silently, trying to be more positive through the hard times and trying to break generational curses. If any of these are you, welcome to the start of your new season. You've found your community - you're a GEM and we're here to help you get everything you want out of this thing called life! 

- Esteem Affirmations









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