How Esteem Affirmations Started

How Esteem Affirmations Started

Affirmations changed my life. Seriously. 

We're constantly surrounded by everyones successes so in our heads we create this narrative that our life isn't good enough when that's simply not true!
Think about it, who's truly honest about their struggles these days on social media?

One day my life changed drastically over night and I literally did not know what to do with myself. I was in therapy but still depressed. I surrounded myself with friends and family and still couldn't seem to have a good time doing anything. I spent every moment I could throwing myself a pity party because you know, life is hard. I knew I wanted more out of life, I knew God placed something major inside of me but I had no idea how to get it out and I had no clue what it even was! 

I remember being introduced to affirmations by my therapist who told me to start changing the narrative of every situation to be something positive and to wake up each morning and speak life into my day and into myself. So with me being a extra overachiever, I created a list of about 10 affirmations and framed it and hung it up in my bathroom and read them to myself every morning while getting ready for work. Strangely after reading those affirmations, I noticed that I would already be in a good mood before my day even started. The last affirmation read "what else could possibly go right?" and that's become the new motto for my life.
That one question holds so much power. The opportunities for something to go right are ENDLESS, you just have to believe it. 

Once I realized that affirmations were changing my mood, I took it up a notch and created affirmations for my finances, my career and my relationships because all those areas had room for improvement. I literally became obsessed with having affirmations for everything. Listen to me when I say that manifestation is real. To me, manifestation is simply accepting God's plan for your life and positioning yourself to receive it by affirming it day in and day out. 

By doing this, I manifested my home, my car, a new job, amazing relationships and even these affirmation cards! I always struggled with knowing what I was passionate about because all I am truly passionate about is living my best life and God showed me that I can create the life of my dreams if I just believe that it can happen for me. 
If it can happen for me, it can happen for you too. 

Each affirmation was created with the intention to make a change in your life, the question is do you receive it? Stop looking at the lives of others and take a look within and make a decision on the life that YOU want and claim it, speak it and receive it until it happens! 

I hope these affirmation cards change your life as much as they've changed mine and I would love to hear your story when it happens, because I know it will.

With Love,

Esteem Affirmations 

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